Ways to get Involved


There are many ways to become involved in PHAASE. 

Here are a few:-


Become a supporter.  


By making a financial contribution to our work.  Why not assist in fundraising projects. Past fund-raisers include musical evenings with food, quiz nights, sponsored rides, a sponsored slim, selling donated goods at table top sales and car-boot sales, yoga and relaxation days and even a clothes swop party which paid for a feed shed.  You may have other ideas/skills to offer?


Practical Jobs.  


Picking up the pooh is another activity that becomes surprisingly addictive in the summer months and if you are a gardener you could pick your own for composting down!.  Other jobs are mending and sorting rugs, cleaning halters, clearing rubbish, cleaning feed mangers etc etc.


Working with the horses.  


If you used to ride or keep horses and want to enjoy horse contact but not ride we have a lot of retired horses who love to be groomed and taken out for a short walk.


Join the loan scheme.  


If you are a rider (or used to ride and think you may like to start again) you may consider the loan scheme. Initially you just come along and join in with activities at the yard to see if it is right for you, us and the chosen horse. 


New Land. 


We are currently looking for grazing land to rent or buy in the Warminster area.  If you can help, please contact us.