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Yesterday was dentist and vet day for one of our herds. All were very well behaved and sleepy- Although Tibbs was quite nervous.

As you can imagine, keeping one horse in good health costs a lot of money so keeping 16 horses healthy and happy is an expensive task. This is why every single penny we receive in donations is incredibly important to us at Phaase.

If you could spare even £1 to help towards the care of our beautiful rescue horses, please visit the link below

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About the founder

Dee Shaw


Like most young girls I’d always wanted a pony. My mother bought me San when I was 15. He was a yearling New Forest pony and so thin he could hardly stand. He was full of worms, lice and anything else you can imagine. Between then and the age of 22 I acquired another 6, all in poor condition, ill treated usually from the meat man. Ten years later I opened a small trekking centre with what was then a herd of 13 – a very motley bunch! I naively thought the younger healthier ones could help support the older and sicker animals. I reckoned without red tape and laws governing the licensing of riding establishments. I closed the business after just 3 years – fed up with fighting the bureaucracy. Now I had around 17 dependents! I kept the herd together by running loan schemes on those who were ridable and by working every hour I could, firstly in a local factory and later by opening another non-horse associated business. My work day starts at 5 am and I finish at 7.30 – 8.00 pm. Juggling customers, clients and animal care. Recently I was diagnosed with a bone disease which, along with age, is beginning to take its toll. I’d thought for several years that maybe becoming a Charitable Trust would be the way to go in order to fund the herd’s welfare and needs, continually trying to improve their lot. I have an amazing group of people around me now who all believe these animals deserve care and love in their old age and not to be thrown in a dog-meat tin because they can no longer earn their keep. They’ve done their bit for us humans!

Sprite & Big Poppy

Sprite and Big Poppy mutually grooming each other. Such a sweet thing to see.

Walking the horses out

One of the many things we do with our horses is walking them out through the woods. This is a brilliant activity to do with the horses that can no longer be ridden and is great for building trust and bonding with the horse.
Pictured here is Richard

Trust Love & Respect

The trust, love and respect we give and receive from our horses is the most important thing. Tibbet loved kisses with volunteer Alison

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