Loan Scheme


The loan scheme is where the ridden horses are available to suitable helpers to be ‘on loan’.  The loan sponsor pays a fixed sum per week into PHAASE and then has the use of a particular horse as if it were their own or sometimes two people share a horse. This enables  people who cannot afford the full cost or time commitment to experience the delights of horse ownership.


The horse normally continues to live in the PHAASE field and the loan sponsor is expected to assist in caring for the herd, for example,  by doing some feeding or field duties (such as poo-picking and ragwort control).  It isn’t a case of just turn up for a ride! You really do get to experience all aspects of horse care and it is a great place to learn about horses and become part of a committed team of horse lovers.


All our loan sponsors enjoy looking after the herd and everyone chooses to come on the days that suit them as we all have other commitments. You are not expected to be there everyday, that is the beauty of the loan scheme, someone is with the herd am and pm everyday but the duties are shared.  Our volunteers and riders are at present aged from teenagers to the more mature riders in their 40s and 50s who have returned to riding after a long break. The riding is mostly off road and is suberb.

If you are in the Warminster vicinity and feel you would like to be more involved, and perhaps join our team, please call Dee on 01373 832484.