About Phaase


PHAASE is a small sanctuary situated on the outskirts of Warminster established by Dee Shaw in the early 1990s.  We provide a home for abused, aged and sick equines and we also re-home those horses who are suitable.  Currently we have fourteen equines in our care, on our rented land here in Warminster. 


Our group is dedicated to giving the best care we possibly can to our animals not just on a physical level but also on the mental and spiritual planes as well. 

Our base income comes from a loan scheme whereby a person contributes a fixed sum per week towards the general keep of the herd, and then has the use of a particular horse or pony as their own.  This enables both human and equine to form that special bond.  It also allows those people who cannot afford the usual financial or time commitment to experience the joys of horse ownership.  Funding also comes from a wide variety of fund-raising events and from donations kindly given by our supporters.  All horse care is overseen by Dee and carried out by her and a dedicated team of volunteers.


Many of our herd of Sixteen animals are either retired, (several are in their 20s), or they have an ongoing illness or psychological issues.   Several are arthritic, two have skin allergies, a couple with fear/ panic issues as a result of abuse or bad management and a few whose owners were no longer able to look after them.


We maintain a stable herd of animals that are not suitable for re-homing because of the need for ongoing  treatments or because they are part of our loan scheme. We believe a herd to be a tight knit structure that provides a greater level of security to those of our animals who have experienced difficulties in past homes.


PHAASE was never a planned project, it just seemed to evolve gradually, one step at a time depending on the needs of the horses, rather like being led along a path. We have many good friends who help in many ways. However, with land rent, high feed costs, vet bills and many other expenses we still need fundraisers and sponsors to bring in more of an income. Our goal is to give the best care we can to the horses and hopefully realise our dream of one day purchasing land to be a permanent base for the sanctuary.

We are currently registered as a not-for-profit organisation, limited by guarantee.