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Welcome to the latest Newsletter March 2015

It has taken a while because of all the changing website etc, here is the latest PHAASE newsletter.
Apart from the usual sweet-itch, arthritis and the usual yearly problems, we have had to deal with:
Here are the latest updates. 

A big thank you

Thanks go out to Sue and Rob who kindly donated a new feed bin which was desperately needed.  Also to Marsha and Kelly who donated horse blankets to keep the horses warm in the winter.

Welcome to 2 new humans

We would like to welcome Tracy Clark and Pete Medlycott (known on radio as John Peters) to PHAASE.  Tracy and Pete run an online radio station which they have run for eight years.  They bring to the team at PHAASE their knowledge in raising funds and also website design.  We have taken over the running of the website and gave it a revamp, created a new domain and a new logo to go with the new look.  Tracy has always loved being with horses and did not know PHAASE was so close to our studio's in Warminster.  Over the coming months we will be raising much needed funds for PHAASE, by contacting local companies to see if they would like to support PHAASE.  So it's a case of watch this space for more news of what we at Venture Radio have managed to achieve. 


Enya had been under the weather for some time, even giving up some of her matriarchal duties.  At first Dee thought she was just ready to hand over responsibility as head of the herd, although there was no obvious contender.  I witnessed this before when Jessica at the age of 25 had decided she would hand over duties to a younger Enya.  Enya is now 23 years old.  However, as time went on it became obvious there was something else going on.  A curly coat appeared predominantly this winter.  Gina suspected mastitis, which I and our vet disclaimed at first as she has never lactated.  Her udder and teats were swollen and also were hot.  There was no discharge, however I spoke to our vet (Kate) on the phone and after five days on anti inflammatory medication, things were not progressing as we would have liked.  Kate visited and milked out a lot of pussy fluid, she is still on antibiotics and anti inflammatory medicine.  After five days treatment I will call Kate again, possibly to do an ultrasound as there could be complications of a mammary tumour again underlying possibility of Cushing's disease.


Gypsy is not ridden as she has several psychological issues, we are trying to help her with and understand the negative treatment she has been subjected to in the past.  Generally she is pretty much fearful and suspicious of everything and almost everyone.


Retired due to intermittent lameness caused mainly by bad conformation.  He is on supportive medication from the vet.


During 2014 Logan has suffered a very deep abscess to his hoof, twice we thought we have cured it but unbeknown to us it was ever tracking deeper.  Eventually after two months of treatment our vet had to cut away almost half of his hoof. (Not good).  Antibiotics and constant poulticing and remedial farriery has at last sorted the problem, six months later he has a hoof back and is sound.  Logan has suffered hoof abscess in the past, one year having a quitor which took a hell of a lot of getting rid of.  Thanks to Jane with her and alternative ongoing support, of course in the first instance, our amazing vet Kate.


We knew Poppy suffered laminitis in the past before we had her.  However despite always being vigilant, she had a very bad attack last year.  Kate (our vet) had to pad out her two fore feet and she was confined to a stable for two months (thanks to Roz for finding a space).  Poppy was on a very strict diet and eventually allowed out to graze on an almost bare paddock.

And finally

Several of our horses are over 20 and we will be getting them Cushing's disease tested.  The signs are all there, Age, recurring hoof abscess, laminitis and now even mastitis in a mare who has never lactated in her life.
Sadly last year we had to turn away five requests for horses needing a home.  This year so far it has been one.
We have been able to take two more horses (Meg & Mr Ed) but simply because their owner can donate a monthly sum which has enabled us to secure extra grazing for them.

As you can imagine we need finances desperately to look after those we have and help those we don't yet have.  Absolutely every penny we raise goes towards the horses keep, we take nothing for ourselves.  As you can imagine winter is a hard time and haylage does not come cheap, so you donations will be most welcome.  The coming spring will bring more problems with sweet-itch, lice and worming etc.

Thank you for all your support it does make a big difference. 

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